Slash Your Content Production Costs with 3D Visualisation

Slash Your Content Production Costs with 3D Visualisation

Slash Your Content Production Costs with 3D Visualisation

June 23, 2022


Today, scaling visual content production is a growing issue for brands of all sizes. The need to be present in multiple channels both online and offline has resulted in a budget and resource bottleneck for many marketing teams.

Using the traditional methods of linear resources to produce professional lifestyle content is quickly becoming nearly impossible. Consider the huge logistical expense of photo and video shoots - transportation/travel, crew, decorations, venue rental, etc.

So, where do marketers even start? With getting their brand's products digitized as 3D models of course and embracing the many possibilities that has to offer in scaling visual content.

Why do many brands use 3D product visualizations in the first place

Maintain flexibility. Stay lean.

It takes many hours, people-power, money, travel, and other operational feats to produce excellent, contextualized product visuals. And imagine having to re-do some photos from a product shoot, that is painful...

A 3D product visualization tool like Colorful lets you maintain flexibility over traditional methods, making it possible to create any outdoor or indoor scene right in your browser. Then re-use that scene whenever you need it.

Launch quickly.

3D rendered creatives are an effective way to quickly prep designs for launching new products, new markets, or re-branding existing product lines. You can now generate a huge volume of creatives for multiple products in a fraction of the time.

Engage better.

3D product visualization is a great way to create a more immersive experience for your customers and engaging content they will resonate with. Thanks to the endless customization options, virtually created photos and videos can be personalized and designed to really make the product stand out. Take a look at Apple’s website, which is almost entirely made up of 3D photos, to see for yourself.

How does using Colorful save you time and money?

Our tool helps you create, publish and distribute highly customized visuals to your target audiences in a quick and scalable way. Here are some of the ways you benefit from setting up Colorful as your own in-house virtual studio.

  • Save up to 90% on visual production budgets - The cost of creating a single product shot or video with 3D rendering ultimately comes down to a fraction of what you’ll spend hiring physical studios, product shooting crews, and spending budget on props. That holds true wherever you are based.

  • Create photos and videos instantly. A real studio photo/video shoot can take days to complete. With Colorful it takes minutes.

  • Fast-track turnaround times between design/marketing teams - Colorful collaboration features also allow for fast feedback loops between art directors, designers, and marketers to iterate on the best product visuals.

  • Turn expenses into assets. Digitizing your product catalog as 3D assets gives you unlimited reusability. The same goes for your virtual studio sets, build them once, and reuse them forever.

  • Get creative with A/B experiments. Drive sales. It has never been possible to generate so many variants of your product visuals cost-effectively. Quickly test many of the high-performing templates we’ve prepared for you to increase engagement and most importantly - revenue.

AR, VR, and 3D product visualization meta trend

The development of Web 3.0 has come with more and more applications using three-dimensional designs, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D product visualization apps like Colorful.

People will be attracted to three-dimensional design even more in the future because it helps them get a better understanding of what the product would feel like in real life.


As you can see, the quicker your brand gets into 3D product visualization the better. This relatively new technology is slowly but certainly making its way to brands and retailers that wish to create more engaging experiences for their customers. So, why not make your first step in this direction? Contact our team of experts today and learn how to get started with visual marketing automation!