The Top 5 Questions People Ask Before Trying Colorful

The Top 5 Questions People Ask Before Trying Colorful

The Top 5 Questions People Ask Before Trying Colorful

July 7, 2022

Here are the top 5 things brands ask us before they decide to give Colorful a go:

👬🏻 Do I need a 3D model/digital twin of my product to get started with Colorful?

Short answer is - yes, to get the full value of our app you’ll need it. Getting a 3D model created is actually MUCH easier than people think. Submit a request form here and we’ll send you a quote!‍

⏰ What’s the time it will take to get my product digitized and train someone to use Colorful?

It's quick. Your product’s 3D buddy will be online in 2-5 days after receiving your request.

Training? Not necessary. Colorful can be used by your creative and/or strictly marketing teams, even by someone with "0" design experience!

You'll quickly learn to create any content you need within minutes.

📽️ Can I create videos, not only photos?

Yes, we are releasing our video feature next. Stay tuned! 🔥

💰 How much will Colorful cost me?

You can always find our current plans listed here.

Rest assured the budget you need for a 3D app will be a fraction of your potential investment into studios and shooting crews for your next project.

🤔 Does Colorful offer all the objects I need for props in my shots/videos?

We have a catalogue of 1000+ objects ready to add to your scenes. Something’s missing? We’re on it! Just schedule time with our team here and let us know what you need.

BONUS question round…

Can Colorful do shots with human models /even just parts of the body/?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. 🧙🏼‍♂️

Ready to try 3D virtual photography and video? Contact our team today to get started with modeling your product in 3D!